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New chapter “What’s Rare is Wonderful”

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(Outlander Recap)

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It’s been a minute, ain’t it? I finally decided to slow down today and just sit and write for the afternoon. Did I have time? Nope. Should I be doing something else? Yep. We are almost done with this story (only a couple chapters left). I can’t promise any sort of a regular update, but today, I just wanted to do a brain dump of sorts. This is a very short update. It’s more of a bridge from point A to point B in our story that is from John’s POV.

To catch you up, we left off with Leghair showing up and signing herself and Jamie up for the shag contest. Claire and Jamie have words in the bathroom, then Claire sets off to dance the night away with Jamie’s friend, John, in an attempt to make him jealous. Jamie retaliates and dances with Leghairy. John is caught in the middle and knows it. That brings us to this chapter where John and Jamie sort things out and helps Jamie to see what’s right before his eyes.


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John warily watched Jamie enter the watchtower just having finished his round of lifeguard duty.  He knew he was going to catch hell for dancing with Fraser’s girl.  Whether she knew it or not, Fraser had claimed her as his and any man who dared to cross the line would pay the price.

And pay the price he would, judging from the murderous glare in Jamie’s eyes just now.  

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