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Man’s best friend

japaneseaesthetics:By Japanese artist Yokoyama Taikan. Adachi…

japaneseaesthetics:By Japanese artist Yokoyama Taikan. Adachi Museum 2022-05-03 18:14:35


My first post of this series, “Let’s talk about sex on screen,” was more about the mechanics of filming such scenes. This is going to delve in to the emotional side of on-screen intimacy. And as per usual, it’s long so I’m putting it behind a cut to make it easy to scroll by if this kind of thing isn’t your cup of tea or you’d prefer to keep the mystery alive  :)

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A/N  For the record, it’s still Monday in Hawaii, so I managed to keep my promise to post this chapter only a day late.  So long as you’re in Oahu when you read it.

In all seriousness, I’m very sorry for the delay.  Work has been an absolute gong show lately, and I spend most of my evenings staring at Youtube videos and listening to the hamster wheel in my brain squeak.

What can I say about this chapter?  It was one of the first I saw clearly from beginning to end, although I flipflopped on how to relay the memory of Jamie’s assault.  In the end, I opted for the vague outlines of a dream, rather than an explicitly recalled memory.  I would still caution that this chapter contains reference to a past sexual assault, so please read accordingly.  If you want to skip over that bit, it is the italicized section at the opening of the chapter.

Now, before you all come after me with pitchforks, there is a happy ending to this story, and it comes in the next (last) chapter.  Provided my business trip this week leaves a little time in the evenings to edit, I will post the finale on Saturday, to make up for being a day late this week.  Until then, let there be angst!

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Observation from the first viewing

A clip not long into the video, talking about how that wasn’t Cait at the diner in the 608 title card

Very interesting how she’s talking about her double who is 15 years younger, beautiful and doesn’t have old crabby hands like Cait. Sam says very natural, “that’s not true, but we were talking about the shoot out”. I thought that was very telling, how she’s making those comments and he dismisses them. Very much in sync with how she calls herself schleppy in everyday life and he tells her no, I think you always look glamorous.

There so many things to point out but this one had me 😏 🥰

Then he looked serious and swallowed before he said that’s not true. He is a good man. He is HER good man. 2022-05-03 08:10:50


congrats to kwok. he is back to practice law. 

photo above: dennis kwok’s tweet | 3 may 2022

quote from his facebook post: 

呢段日子  同好多世界各地嘅香港人一樣   要為自己搵新方向同目標我好感恩搵到好拍檔    可以喺紐約開律師行  繼續做法律工作    New York Fifth Avenue 嘅租金比中環同金鐘平  第時香港人經過   歡迎上嚟搵我飲杯咖啡未來嘅日子  除咗法律工作外  亦會繼續喺哈佛大學甘迺迪學院擔任Senior Fellow    做學術研究   同學生分享經驗希望大家去到世界各地都能夠繼續香港人精神  香港人加油!#移民定移居who cares #慳啲啦#未來見

below is HKFP report one year ago 

Ousted Hong Kong democrat Dennis Kwok surfaces in Canada

The exact whereabouts of former Civic Party lawmaker and his family are unclear amid fears of retribution by agents of Beijing as he joins the growing ranks of pro-democracy figures who have fled the city amid a crackdown on dissent.

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