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During yesterday’s wonderful IG live, Sam and Cait gave us this hilarious moment in which Cait is asked about her childbirth. Sam does this mumble mumble thing “ummm…mmm…” like he had a reply but had to guard his answer. Revisit this clip here (and yeah I cut it off at a specific spot on purpose 😂)

This moment reminded me of an interview early 2021 with Graham, a word association game. Many of us I’m sure remember it. She asked “Sassenach” and both got quiet. Sam: long pause…umm…ummm…long pause… “outsider…foreigner” Graham: oh, Caitriona. Sam: *oh yeah duh* aka well I couldn’t very well say that. Since I can’t add it to the original post I will reblog with the video because apparently two videos in one post is too much 🙄

See video here since two videos in one post is too much for tumblr


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It’s been 10 years since this iconic awkward interview.

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Dear Starz, take note

29,000 people. As OL intern said, the power of Sam and Caitriona. Imagine the power they would have if:

  • They appeared together at events, and not just Starz/OL events
  • They did more interviews together
  • Basically anything they did together at the beginning of Outlander when it was fresh and new.

As has been said many times before, they are the reason 99% of the people watch Outlander. They are what sells this show. They are who we want to see together in more ways then one. We have a 16 episode season coming up. Give us more Sam and Caitriona.

Then and now…

We want more of these two au natural….it’s magic! GOLD! 💕

Love them! 🤪🥳💕 2022-05-04 19:45:07

Tarot decks are generally not used for communication with entities. There are specialized decks for that.

Magically speaking, a tarot deck is not a communication with something, but simply a more precise way of marking the twain of causality. The deck is an instrument for reading the flow of magical energy through the world as it exists. It is not “speaking to anything” asking the cards is more of a formality and an act of ritual than a literal question to a something that might respond. Decks speak to people in the sense that ships speak to sailors or that trains speak to engineers. It has a spirit, but not a literal animist spirit. It’s a tool.

Considering a tarot deck evil would honestly be assigning more magical power to a tarot deck than most occultists consider them to have. For a tarot deck to be evil in the sense your parents say, it would have to be able to communicate with actual Christian demons. You could theoretically use a deck to talk to demons, sure but it would take some elbow grease, and most occultists would tell you there are easier ways. 2022-05-04 19:06:01


A/N  Thank you to everyone for all your wonderful comments, likes, reblogs and the like.  It’s made a pretty rough spring a lot more bearable.  With only three chapters left in this story, it’s time to start pulling all the pieces together.  In this chapter, we learn quite a bit about what sent Jamie down the path to surrogacy.  It’s also pretty explicit (by my standards, at least).   Trigger warning for references to past sexual assault.

All previously posted chapters can be found on my AO3 page.

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