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“There’s nothing else to do, is there? Nothing else but wait.” – Claire to Jamie, 06×08 “I Am Not Alone”

“No.” Josiah’s hand was firm yet gentle on his wife’s elbow. “Dinna follow them. They need their peace.”

“Aye,” Missus Bug agreed, standing at Arch’s side behind them. “We’ll have plenty to clean up in the morning.”

Kezzie took an extra step forward to stand shoulder to shoulder with his wife. Silently watching Brown’s men disperse and settle in for the night.

Lizzie took her husbands’ hands. Eyes shining with tears.

Mister Bug bit back the chide on the tip of his tongue. Tonight was not for that.

“We’ll settle in the barn then.” Lizzie’s voice was quiet, but steady. “And we’ll be up early. They will need help sorting the things to take wi’ them.”

“I dinna think anyone will be getting much sleep tonight,” Missus Bug mused. “I might as well start the dough for bread and bannocks. Arch and I will see you at daybreak.”

Claire’s eyes fluttered awake.

Jamie’s arms locked tighter around her. There, in the sanctuary of their bed. The pads of his fingers traced every bump of her backbone.

“How long was I asleep?”

“No’ long,” he whispered, lips pressed to the shell of her ear. Eyes, she knew, still trained on the window.

She didn’t even bother asking if he’d slept.

“It’s been like this before, for us,” she whispered.

“Aye,” he rasped. “Our last night, before Culloden. In the ruined cottage at the foot of Craigh Na Dun.”

She nodded. “You told me to sleep then, too.”

“I did. For I wanted to feel you dream in my arms, one last time.”

She moved up on the pillow to look into his eyes. His pupils were so wide in the candlelight. “Tonight is not the last time.”

He pressed his lips together, and let her see just how terrified he was.

She bridged the gap between them. Kissed the tears in the creases of his eyes.

“Let’s get up. We’ve got so much to do.”

Lizzie tossed and turned in the hayloft.

“Are you all right?” Jo whispered – perched a few feet away, standing guard.

“Is it the bairn?” Kezzie asked gently, drawing her a bit closer against his side in the hay.

She sniffled. “I’m all right – the bairn, too. It’s just…I canna imagine what they’re going through. Couldn’t you see they were being torn apart?”

Jo sighed. “Aye. They love each other something fierce. There was no way that Mister Fraser would let her go.”

“Aye. And I got to thinking – I cannae even imagine what that would be, for us.” She sat up, and Kezzie picked bits of straw from her hair. “I thought it was hard enough for us to be apart for a few days. But at least we still see each other. They were apart for twenty years! And now Mistress Fraser may die.”

“She won’t,” Kezzie reassured her.

“I wish we could do something.”

“We wait for morning to come. Then, we wait for Ian to come.”

She sighed. “Why was it only us and a few others, when they cried for help? Where did everybody else go?”

Kezzie and Jo couldn’t answer. Held their wife as she cried.

Standing in the center of their room, Jamie held Claire’s hands in his.

“A Naoimh Mìcheal Àird-aingeal, dìon sinn anns an àm a’ chatha,” he whispered as the fire crackled. “Bi mar thèarmann againn an aghaidh an donais agus na ribeachan an Diabhail.”

Holy Michael the Archangel, defend us in time of battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.

She leaned into him. Breathed him in.

Then she pulled away, just far enough to pick up Jamie’s dirk from the table. Held Jamie’s palm up, so gently. Scored the base of his right wrist. And then, with her left hand, did the same with her own right wrist.

She pressed their wrists together.

“Is tu fuil ‘o mo chuislean,” she whispered.

He swallowed. “Is tu fuil ‘o mo chuislean,” he repeated.

“Is tu cnaimh de mo chnaimh,” she continued.

“Is tu cnaimh de mo chnaimh,” he vowed.

Leaned over their joined wrists for a kiss.

Jamie pulled their wrists apart – wincing a bit at the blood that had congealed between them. Dipped his thumb onto his wrist. Traced a J over her racing heart.

Felt her pulse rise even higher beneath his fingers, as she dipped her thumb onto her wrist, and traced a C over his heart.

He pressed their wrists back together.

“‘Til our lives shall be done. I swear to you, Claire – they willnae be done for a long time yet.”

She kissed him for a long, long time.

“Did you bring in that side of bacon? I want to fry it up for them, afore they go.”

Mister Bug sighed, set down the sack of dried apples and turned on his heel, headed back to the springhouse, squinting in the early dawn.

Missus Bug huffed. Pulled the dough into small circles. Pushed away the glass shards from her work table. Stoked the hearth fire and prepared the baking pans. Listening to two sets of footsteps upstairs.

Jamie fastened the final button of Claire’s jacket. “There. You’re wearing your warmest shift, aye?”

“Yes. You packed your extra socks? The ones Bree made you?”

“Aye. I’ll do. You’ll be taking the jacket wi’ the longer sleeves?”

“Yes. And my medical box.”

“Good. Here – can you fit this in the heel of your shoe?”

A gemstone.

She looked at it, there in the palm of his hand, for a long moment.

“Please, Claire. No’ just your ticket to travel through the stones. You can sell it for coin, if need be.”

She looked up at him – his eyes so tired in the warm light of dawn, slanting through their big windows.

The night was for sentiment. The day was for practicality.

She took it.

“…And aside from the basket, I’ve two canteens wi’ fresh water. Arch brought it himself from the spring this morning.”

“Thank you, Missus Bug.”

“The small box, Mistress?”

“Yes – thank you, Lizzie. Does anything need to be topped up?”

“No – I checked everything myself. And I will take your casebook, for safe-keeping.”

“Thank you. Truly – thank you. You – and the twins, all three of you – are welcome to stay here in the house, while I’m gone. Though before too long, you’ll need to find yourself a midwife.”

“I’ll see to it, Mistress. I willnae let the lass go wi’out.”

“Thank you. I know you will.”

“Mistress Fraser – are you injured?”

“No – I’m quite all right.”

“Your wrist, I mean. Looks like you cut it on some of the glass.”

“Look at that – I suppose I did.”

“Most of the rifles are still in the cellar. John Quincy Myers was traveling with Ian – between the two of them, they’ll ken what to do.”

“Aye, sir.”

“Best not make any more trips to River Run for the time being. And I’ll need you to keep an eye on the fields, too.”

“Between me and Mister Lindsay, sir – we’ll manage.”

“I ken. Dinna think I will forget who stood with me against Richard Brown.”

“It was my pleasure, sir.”

Claire pulled an extra chair up to Jamie’s desk. He pushed a sheet of paper – the ink still wet – toward her.

“Here, Sassenach – add a few words if you wish. The one to my aunt is done. This one is for Ian.”

“All right. And I’ll start on one for Brianna, if you start the one for Fergus?”

“Aye. But we must be swift about it.”

Lizzie poked her head around the door. “Jo says he sees a wagon.”

Claire didn’t look up from her quill. “Thank you, Lizzie. We’ll need your help to get these into the right hands.”

“I promise you, Mistress Fraser. We’ll do it. We’ll do right by you.”

Jamie looked up at her and smiled – small, and sad. “You already have, lass. You and your…husbands. All of you. Thank you.”

She curtseyed.

Now they stood alone in the foyer, at the foot of the winding staircase they both loved so dearly.

Claire picked up her medical box. Jamie hoisted to his shoulder Missus Bug’s satchel, bulging with food.

Already Kezzie had melted into the forest, their letters tucked securely in his jacket.

Jamie turned to face Claire. Thumbed the scab at her wrist.

“So, Sassenach – are you ready to go?”

She lifted her chin. Eyes firm.


He nodded. She nodded back.

He opened their front door. Ushered her to the porch. Softly closed the door behind them. Held her hand as they walked down their front stairs, past a dozen or so jeering men, and into the wagon.

People Magazine Beauty Issue-Where’s Cait?


In March, I answered a Cait stan troll who talked about what a great job her PR team  had done (confusing the work they did with the work Kenneth Branagh’s team was doing).  I gave a long reply that included this paragraph

Her PR team doesn’t get her hired, they try to create a image.  And yet
whenever there’s a major People Magazine issue either highlighting award
dresses or spotlighting every actress in each age decade, she’s
literally never in it.

Last week, People put out their annual Beauty issue that spotlighted 127 women in entertainment and sports. Cait was nowhere to be found, even in the section where they show beauty at any age and list 10 or so women for each decade.  She was in the post-Oscar issue but that was on the page spotlighting loaned jewelry.  Not about her, she was just the model/vehicle for the necklace.  The Beauty issue is about the women themselves.   

It baffles me that they can’t get her in issues like this-especially with months of Belfast promo and nominations.  Getting let off Oscar nom may have hurt.  These issues are known about a year in advance. They managed to get the fengagement covered in an “exclusive” (and likely last minute) given to junior writers so she was important enough for that?  Or, that was a quid pro quo for something bigger that had nothing to do with Cait.  Let’s not forget the last minute add to be the 13th most iconic engagement ring (I had second hand embarrassment for that one even before the writer complained about it). 

This isn’t a shot at Cait, it’s another shot at her team.  She deserves better.  And looking at it through a professional lens, I find it pretty interesting. 2022-05-05 13:37:13


‘Window of Enlightenment”.  Unryu-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan.  Photography by Mr  Relaxed leisurely on photohito 2022-05-05 10:29:00

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