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Ok Anon,

I’m not suggesting that you have an evil view, and I’m assuming that you might be really interested in another view.

Generally speaking, it is not unusual for partnerships to be hidden in this business. Why do boy band members have to hide their girlfriends or wives? Why do many politicians in the public eye have to hide or deny their sexuality? Why do members of royal families have to hide for years, when their marriages have broken down and instead appear publicly as a “loving” couple?
It’s always about image, money, power and a pressure that others put on you.

For me personally, the receipts are only one part. The other is that we have two big pictures. One is the story that is communicated publicly and the other is what is going on on the intuitive side and what my mind and an intuition tell me. And they tell me, that the obvious doesn’t always have to be what’s actually true.

Or have you never had the feeling in your professional/private life, that someone is telling you something that seems logical based on the facts, but you still have the feeling that there is something wrong with the whole situation?

This is also the reason why many personnel managers have additional psychological training. For example, to be able to read between the lines in a job interview, on the basis of body language, facial expressions, gestures, and to be able to recognize that what is being said corresponds to the facts. 2022-05-15 18:04:51

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