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londonharry: 2022-05-18 12:45:52

You’re not weaker than me anon. That’s not how it works. I look at the same exact information everyone else does, I just interpret it in my own way and that’s perfectly fine. Something that might be my biggest receipt might mean absolutely nothing to someone else.

There’s lots of things that make me sure they’re a couple. 

– Like their synced online times. 

– Going to Paris together in December 2013. 

– Sam killing spiders in Cait’s apartment in the middle of the night the month before. 

– Sam’s fist in Cait’s bed. 

– Sam in Cait’s house watching football at 1 am. 

– All the shows they’ve binged together. 

– The way they look at each other. 

– The way they behave around each other. 

– The amount of time they spend together outside work. 

– The way they’re each other’s number one fans. 

– Sam being obsessed with her baby bump. 

– The picture of them at the baseball game. 

– Sam saying if they were really together they wouldn’t tell anyone because why should they? 

– Having to do a denial interview in the first place. 

– Costa Rica. 

– Missing the PCA’s and both of them coming up with shady excuses

– Cait liking Sam’s IG picture so quickly the app couldn’t refresh itself.

– Miami but actually Spain. 

– #carparkibiza, 

– #oohdembuns.

 – Miss you.xx. 

– Nay contest. 

– Celebratory macaroons

– Luke saying Sam would disown him if he answered questions about a bachelor party.

– Who is Caitriona Balfe married to?. 

– I can tell when she’s not happy, I can just feel it.

– Honestly, it’s like having a death in the family.

– Sam being in Ireland on Dec 2nd.

I could go on and on and on about the reasons why. I don’t feel the way I do because of one special thing, it’s an accumulation of several tiny things over the years that have morphed into one big, fat book of receipts and at this stage there’s very, very little that could make me put it back on the shelf and forget about it. 

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