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Even though this entire scene was spoken in Scottish Gaelic, we all knew the gist of what was being said. It was a sad state of affairs, indeed, when Jamie declared that he was done with everything and ready to give up after Blackjack Randall left such a deep scar. But his guardian, father figure and close friend Murtagh showed him tough love. It’s apparent in his expression and in the hurt and worry in his eyes that he loves Jamie so much.

Just reminiscing some more. We love our Murtagh. 🕯️

Murtagh here accuses Jamie of thinking only for himself – and not for Claire.

Jamie’s response tells us not only his frame of mind at that moment – but for always:

I haven’t a single thought of anything but her.

Here’s the full translation of this amazing exchange, courtesy of the Great Scot Blog:

[Jamie to Murtagh] Ciamar as urrainn ​mo leigeil ris a’ chràdh seo​?​ – How ​can I be left to ​this pain?

[Murtagh to Jamie] Nì sinn ar dìcheall do leigheas.​ – We shall do our utmost to heal you.

[Jamie to Murtagh] Cha ghabh cuid de ​nithean​ leigheas. Mar as miann leam, cuir crìoch air seo a-nis. – Some things ​don​’t ​take healing​. As is my desire, put an end to this now.

[Murtagh to Jamie] Chan ​fhu​ilinn mi ​’n c​òrr. – I’ll suffer no more of this.

[Jamie to Murtagh] Chan fhaigh mi seachad air seo. An toir ​u orm aslachdainn? – I won’t get ​past​ this. Will you force me to beg?​

[Murtagh to Jamie] Thug mi geall do d​’ mhàthair. ​Sìth air a h-anam​. Nach tig​eadh cron ort​. – I gave a promise to your mother. Peace on her soul. That no harm would come to you.​

[Jamie to Murtagh] Is anmoch an uair, a ghoistidh – Late is the hour, oh godfather​.

[Murtagh to Jamie] Agas Claire? Am bitheadh i na banntrach, air a treigsinn? Tha do cheann sa bhrochan.Tha do cheann sa bhrochan. – And Claire?  Would she just be a widow, forsaken? Your head’s in the porridge (you’re not thinking straight). You haven’t a single thought for her.

[Jamie to Murtagh] Chan eil smaoin agam ann ach oirre-se. – I haven’t a single​ thought ​of anything but her. 2022-05-19 15:26:30


EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE (Daniels, 2022) referencing IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (Wong Kar Wai, 2000) 2022-05-19 07:18:03



not to be a nerd but it’s so crazy how he (Bernini) really did that from cold hard stone……. truly a spectacle, truly breathtaking, an honor to behold

I think you should know he was 23 when he finished this and the ass gets a lot of attention but the hand on Persepina’s side/tummy is also exquisite 2022-05-19 07:14:49


One More Try – Chapter 11 

I don’t have a title for this one, for whatever reason, but here it is! 

Thanks for the lovely comments on the last chapter! I hope this one pleases you just as much. I am planning on doing an epilogue next, and then that’ll be the end! I’ll be sad to say goodbye to my beach bums! 

Thanks for reading!!! 

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