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koreedas:“Li-zhen’s beautiful cheongsams express her…


“Li-zhen’s beautiful cheongsams express her predicament, as she is torn between old and new. In harmony with the set designs, the stylised flowers that adorn many of her dresses evoke the changing seasons and the transitory nature of life, drawing on traditional Chinese cultural themes. More than half the patterns are abstract, denoting a contemporary Western style that is also evident in her beehive hair-do, and her expensive jewelry, handbags and shoes. The cheongsams encapsulate [the] opposing forces of tradition and modernity, revealing a femininity at once sexualised and constricted.” — Pam Cook, Screening the Past : Memory and Nostalgia in Cinema.

IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (2000) dir. Wong Kar-wai
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Paper Walls


A/N  Well, lookie here.  It’s another installment in the Metric Universe.  Not naming any names, but some of you are going to be very happy.  This ficlet actually happens earlier in the universe, after Satellite Mind but before Help! I’m Alive.  It explores what Claire’s physical feelings might have been for Jamie, early in their time as flatmates.  Rated M for, ahem, self-gratification.

The Metric song that inspires the title and the overall mood can be found here.

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Summary: An exploration of Claire & Jamie’s story if their firstborn had lived and they had the chance to be parents together of wee Faith Fraser before the Battle of Culloden.



June 1750

His wife was still buried under the covers while Jamie moved about the room on quiet feet and got dressed in the soft light of dawn. He reached for his boots, the final article of dress, and caught sight of Claire’s hand rising out of the mess of blankets ‒ reaching out toward him in silent request.

He stopped in his tracks. Straightened back up.

“Don’t get up yet,” she said, her voice still heavy with sleep. “Stay in bed with me.”

His chest tightened and he let out a gentle sigh. “Aye.”

He crawled back onto the bed, fully-dressed save for his boots still, and molded his body against the curve of Claire’s. She let out a sleepy hum when he nuzzled into her wild hair and kissed the back of her neck. There was a time when he might’ve denied her request, felt the need to rush off to the responsibilities of farm life. But he knew now that all of that would keep ‒ for a little while at least ‒ but Claire and the bairns would not.

There was something in her touch, the way her hands clasped tightly over his, keeping his hold on her there, that told him her thoughts were running in tandem with his, reaching the same destination. He held her tighter still, turning his face into the crook of her neck and murmuring all that was in his heart to her, some bits in Gaelic but he thought she knew well enough now to understand his meaning if not the words themselves.

His eyes opened with the soft creak of their bedroom door opening. Of course, he could put off the work of the day for a bit, but the bairns didn’t always give them the same reprieve. “Sleep a little longer, Sassenach,” he whispered against her neck before leaving a parting kiss there. “I’ll get up wi’ her.”

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