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to Be Continued… 

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lord-jen-grey:lord-jen-grey:Like Petals FallingOn a seemingly mundane day at the library, Claire comes into work to find a note and a flower awaiting her on her desk. It appears to be written by a secret admirer. Her husband, Frank, has recently inform… 2022-05-27 12:02:53



I just want to continually point out that his use of Sassensnatch is very important and he’s never used it in a tweet until this very post and even if he meant Sassenach I’m hoping his phone autocorrected for him because if dirty tweets are coming back this is proof that he’s used the word many times before so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Also for you Urban Dictionary folks


“Sassensnatch! That I like. I’ll have one of those please.” 🙃 2022-05-27 07:09:49




[Redrawing of The Hermit tarot card as… The Kermit.]

This is one of those posts that I scrolled past, but then I reconsidered my life choices and came back.


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