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comparativetarot: Ten of Wands. Art by Vivien Stewart-Jones,…


Ten of Wands.

Art by Vivien Stewart-Jones, from the

Lovely Day Tarot.

Excesses and exhaustion

Meaning: Trying to do too much and refusing to say no. Doing the lion’s share or taking all the blame. Excessive overtime or bearing an extra load. On a treadmill and assuming responsibility. Labour, but inability to rest. Threatening one’s health and doing things the hard way. Always having to work hard for what one has.

Reversed: Buckling under the strain of workload. Self-inflicted and refusal to delegate. Abuse of power. Colleagues are unhelpful. A romantic affair may come to an abrupt end leaving confusion.

Description: Exhausted at the end of the breeding season, the stag sheds his antlers. Some artistic license was used for the sake of symbolism here as brambles do not have ripened blackberries at this time of shedding in Britain: Red deer shed in February to March, Sika in March to May, Fallow in April to May, Muntjac in May to June and Roe in November to December.

On the other-hand Blackberries ripen in late Summer until October, but they symbolise secret wisdom, medicine and healing so fitting to the scene. Some say the deep colour of the fruit represents Christ’s blood and the bramble represents flexibilty, vigour and tenacity. There is the charming fable about ‘A Bat, Bramble and Cormorant’ who went into business together but lost all their investments due a violent storm at sea, and since then the bracken forever strives to catch the clothes of passers-by, hoping to recover some of his cloth; but here the brambles catch the stag’s antlers. 2022-06-29 23:22:00


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gotham-ruaidh:I believe him. Completely. He and I have been though things that you couldn’t even imagine – and this…I promise you, it won’t come between us.– Claire to Malva, 6×06 “The World Turned Upside Down”&mdas…

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their…”

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

George Orwell


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He felt as though today was the first–or at most, the second–time he’d seen the real Claire.

She was most certainly not Claire Malcolm, the young widow who fastidiously kept her head down and only revealed her true spirit when focused on healing. That Claire had often seemed somber and world-weary. She was also steadfast and dedicated, to be sure. But ultimately, she had been trapped in her grief, emerging to feel the sun on her face only when she couldn’t bear the darkness another moment longer. Or perhaps only because she had people who depended upon her.

The woman John had met and befriended a year ago now bore only a passing resemblance to the one who’d fallen into Red Jamie Fraser’s arms that morning.

We’ll Meet Again: Chapter 16

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So… Going to share this blip of a story/idea I’ve had for awhile now. It’s never been anything but this and maybe a little bit more. It use no names, so isn’t specifically OL, but I definitely had Claire and Jamie in mind when writing.

** Fair warning: it’s rather dark and depressing, so if you aren’t in the mood for that sort of thing, please skip. it involves memory loss in a fictional world. **

Anyway… Enjoy!


The dark was solace. It was peace, all black and gray, except for the stars behind her eyelids. She could feel him next to her, his breathing running through her, his heartbeat a thrum in her own veins. She took a deep breath, glad he was still there and not… 

She scratched an itch on her arm, reaching across with her right hand to touch her left, but instead meeting his fingers, wrapped as they were around her left hand. She hadn’t even felt his touch, and it worried her. Was she forgetting already? 

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