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19th century wedding uchikake in exhibition of “Japanese Wedding” being held at the Nara Prefectural Museum of Art.



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Sam and I 😍

“Sam and I” and then her face lights up like a Christmas tree… 🥰🥰🥰

This is a woman madly in love with her Sam! I mean, the mere mention of his name and she’s like a school girl with a crush! So beautiful to see!

There are no scenes where Claire goes to the bathroom. I think Cait means when she goes to the bathroom Sam will say “Sassenach” and gesture as if he needs her to hurry back. Essentially, Cait just confirmed something I’ve wondered and often suspected, off camera he playfully calls her Sassenach. 😍🥰😍

In one of the cons, she had to go to the ladies room and he had his hands on her hips and asked if she was alright. I have to dig that eyewitness account. I’m driving home so can’t access my laptop. He’s very thoughtful, protective and possessive!💙💚😍

@mariaae here from LANDCON 3

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