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“Perhaps I should just go and have a look at them personally.”

“I don’t think that’s wise,” John replied with a firm shake of his head.


“It’s not that I don’t trust your abilities and your composure in difficult situations. You know I do, Claire. But while the prisoners may be docile most of the time, they’re still dangerous men, and some would step out of line if they perceived a worthwhile opportunity to do so.”

I quirked one brow upward in a way Jamie–and perhaps even Frank–would’ve recognized as a signal to tread carefully.

“Do I strike you as easy prey?”

We’ll Meet Again: Chapter 10

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Hi, love.

Sorry this took me a while to answer, I was at work and wanted to give this ask the attention it deserved.

So, as much as we can logically assume motivations behind some things, the truth is, we’ll never really know. We’re never really going to know how this stunt was originally presented to Harry, whether it has since transformed in a way that he didn’t initially agree to, and what he negotiated in return.

All we do know is that he’s been in the showbiz industry for over a decade and has a broader and better understanding of the inner workings of these kinds of things than we (as the general public) do. And, since he did agree to this in some capacity, we can only assume that he went into it with eyes wide open and had examined the pros and cons of it to the best of his (and his team’s) ability. That’s not to say that there weren’t factors that blindsided him (Olivia’s personality and (un)professional practices, her personal family disputes, COVID delaying the movie, the sudden overlap in release between DWD and MP) that, in hindsight, would have led him and his team to make a different decision, but I just caution against the blanket idea that Harry goes into stuff like this without a decent level of research and protection.

That said, I think this is a good opportunity to ground this discussion by reminding ourselves of the way Harry’s industries (music and Hollywood) view him. Though these industries are built on public entertainment, their overall objective is really profit. Which means, to them, Harry’s value doesn’t lie in his talent, his artistry, or his artistic integrity (all of which he has in spades), but whether or not he can bring in (boatloads of) money. Additionally, as big as Harry seems to us, to Hollywood, he’s entirely replaceable. The very minute they see a dip in his ROI – poof! – he’s gone.

So, what I’m saying is, pragmatically speaking, what Harry may have wanted or however he would have preferred to enter the world of acting, is, in the face of a profit margin, vastly irrelevant to Hollywood. There are other actors who have been in the industry for decades, who are still stunting (Ben Affleck, par example), and that’s because this is how Hollywood works. This is what they know brings in the money. And, although Harry went into acting with a name and a hefty fanbase, for all intents and purposes, we have to remember he was still very much a gamble. In terms of negotiating power, he definitely had more than the average starred-in-an-ensemble-cast novice actor, but still not nearly enough for studios to not put the full force of marketing and all the theatrics of PR behind him to ensure the movie’s success.

I do believe, in an ideal world, Harry wants his work to speak for itself. He says as much, in terms of his music. But, we have to remember that, as free and big and unique as Harry may look to us, he’s his industries’ product – their commodity – and to them, Harry’s only responsibility is to continue being wildly profitable. 2022-06-18 09:56:01

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