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stop feeling hopeless, start getting ready


If you are in a red state, your state either has an abortion ban in place or is rated by the Guttmacher Institute as likely to enact a ban. Your focus should be on protecting yourself and others who need abortions.stop using electronic per… 2022-06-25 18:53:32


Some remote part of my brain heard John prudently dismiss his officers from the room. Though I barely heard his words, the wooden thunk of the door closing seemed louder than a gunshot. And in the next instant, I was fully on my own feet and stumbling across the small room to Jamie, yearning to touch him but terrified that my hand might pass right through his flesh. It wouldn’t have been the first time I’d seen his ghost.

But then he said my name again. My true name.


I brought my shaking hands to his face, sobbing to find him a solid being rather than a ghostly manifestation of sorrow and grief. His eyes were shimmering with tears, and his name left my lips in a broken whisper, my own tears flowing freely.


We’ll Meet Again: Chapter 14

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panicinthestudio:allhailthe70shousewife:I have no words today. A reproductive rights demonstration in Pittsburgh in 1974. (Barbara Freeman/Getty Images), via The Nation.

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