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“I ken I sent ye back to Frank and that ye would ha’ been wi’ someone else either way, but… Do ye love him?” he asked hesitantly, shooting a brief glance toward the door to make it clear which him he’d meant.

Claire’s eyes softened affectionately, and to his simultaneous gratitude and dismay, she didn’t answer immediately. Instead, she seemed to consider the question for a moment, as though she were determined to answer it as honestly as possible.

“I meant it when I called him a very dear friend, and I do care about him very much. He’s done so much for me and Brianna, and I can never repay him for it. He might very well have saved our lives that night.” She paused to smile at Jamie with love shining in her whisky eyes. “But while I hold genuine affection for John Grey, it’s not romantic in nature, which is what you’re really after, I think.”

“Aye, it was,” he breathed, relaxing. Claire leaned in to kiss him lightly.

“Silly man. You are the other half of my heart, James Fraser. My soul. Nothing could possibly change that. Even if I’d been able to return to my time and we’d been separated by two hundred years, it would’ve meant leaving my heart behind.”

We’ll Meet Again: Chapter 15

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