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“We should have enough time for you to wash. And I found some clean clothes that should be warmer than these,” she said, gesturing to his tattered shirt and jacket. Jamie thanked her with a kiss.

“I wish we had time to wash together, but I’d rather spend it doing other things. ‘Tis the first time we’ve been truly alone in years, Sassenach. And I mean to have ye.” He punctuated the statement by gripping a handful of her arse and pressing her body against his. She moaned hungrily.

“Thank God.”

Claire helped him undress and get into the tub, insisting on washing him. Jamie’s breath caught at the first pass of her soapy hands, and he closed his eyes, relishing the feel of her hands on him again. He’d tried to imagine it so many times while they were apart, but his fantasies never truly compared with reality. With every stroke and caress, she healed him a little more, and by the time she was finished, his eyes were stinging with tears of relief. She dipped her head to kiss him softly before encouraging him to stand and rinsing his body one last time.

“I’ll be the best-dressed, best-smelling Scot in the cells,” he remarked, and Claire chuckled along with him.

“If anyone asks, tell them it was Lady John’s way of thanking you for your assistance.”

Jamie laughed wryly, no longer irritated by the sound of her false name. Still, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to remind her just whose lady she truly was.

We’ll Meet Again: Chapter 18

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everythingfox:“Dog bows to Simba along with the other animals in…


“Dog bows to Simba along with the other animals in The Lion King”

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I see it completely differently than you do. The best thing you can do to build a solid business is to spread it over several pillars and not just focus on one thing (in his case acting). This is foresighted and makes you (also financially) not so dependent, should one part of your business no longer run so, or completely break away.

For example, from what I’ve seen the last few months, he is establishing his whiskey and tequila business in hotels, bars, restaurants as well, which makes him more independent from OL fans and gives him access to a new sales market.

As for his future as an actor, I wouldn’t worry if I were you. If you look at how much he has shot outside of OL in the last 2 years and how many projects he has had to cancel due to scheduling conflicts, he certainly won’t lack for offers. 2022-07-02 10:17:41


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