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“Who is on their phone the most?”

Mr & Mrs Outlander

One of my favorites and their funniest interviews ever!!! So adorable! LOVE THEM!!

Let’s just hope the car’s on unlimited wifi tariff. Can you imagine:

S: What are you buying now? You’ve got 356780053235677890 things in your wardrobe already

C: 😑 I’m getting a blouse. ONE blouse

S: One in each of 18 different colours, yeh?

C: So? What about ALL those hoodies, trackies, trainers, bits of workout gear that YOU have?

S: Keeps me lookin’ nice for you 😘

C: Well, all those things I buy … INCLUDING those frilly lacy things from Dior … Sam keep your eyes on the road, please …

S: Oh look, there’s a layby. And a very secluded one at that … 😜😜

Haha!! Love that!

He’s being hubbyish!😂 He’s right about shopping online. It can be dangerous to your pocket book.☺️

Take notice anti’s. This right here is an example of an argument between a married couple. How the hell would Sam know about Cait’s purchases if he was her platonic costar and they didn’t spend time together outside work??? I certainly don’t go around telling my guy friends about the clothes I’ve bought online so often that they have a strong opinion on it.

Love how red she gets

And his facial expression while talking about it is definitely husbandly.:)


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