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Thinking about all the amazing JC WIPs I was reading during the pandemic that helped me (and others) get through a crazy time and how a lot haven’t updated or got deleted in the last year or so. No pressure to the authors if you see this and know I read your fic but just know I miss your work 🥲 2022-07-14 23:33:21

Pretty sure that’s over. It happens quick when its a set up/pr thing to get rid of the stench of the last PR thing he had. Now that Emmy nominations are out, she can move on to her next PR and Seb can get ready for the emmys 2022-07-14 23:32:40

I have studied PR. Talked to PR people. I know the signs and I know with certain people how they go about their private lives. I don’t think EVERY relationship is PR. I just know the ones that are. 2022-07-14 22:03:33






It’s time for some real talk.

I believe I did lick your p****, Caitriona. It was delicious.

Whenever, you know, there was a little break between our sex scenes, may have had a boner.

C: If I could count the amount of times Sam has hit me in the head… S: With my penis.

I’m better at riding Cait than horses. (Bonus: Look at the face she makes.)

Is it weird that we got drunk, watched our sex scenes together and enjoyed it very much?

Like WTF? There is only one explanation for all this:

gifs: #1 section1rules #2-3 julliettesferrars #5 unknown. Thank you very much! Please tell me if one was incorrectly assigned.

Due for a reblog.

“Don’t touch my snack!” SH

Same Sophie…👀

‘You ARE my wife!’ 2022-07-14 07:17:38


Chungking Express ,  In The Mood For Love

Kar Wai Wong 王家卫

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