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His hand rose slowly, floating like the leaves, and rested lightly on my head.

“Claire. I need you,” he whispered. “I need ye so.”

– Jamie to Claire, Book 2 (Dragonfly in Amber)


“You took me from need,” he said. “When we wed.”

“And I came back for love,” I said. “Do you think I needed you any less, only because I could feed myself?”

The lines of his face eased, and the shoulder under my hand relaxed a bit as he searched my face.

“No,” he said softly. “I dinna think that.”

– Jamie and Claire, Book 3 (Voyager)


“Him?” Jamie said incredulously, nodding toward the crumpled Joey. “Why, for God‘s sake?”

Laoghaire glared at him slit-eyed…She considered him for a moment, then slowly straightened her back, gathering Joey‘s head once more against her breast.

“Because he needs me,” she said evenly. “And you, ye bastard, never did.”

– Jamie and Laoghaire, Book 7 (An Echo in the Bone)


Advancing into the study, he leaned down and put his hands on the desk, bringing his face within a foot of mine.

“Have ye ever been in the slightest doubt that I need ye?” he demanded.

It took roughly half a second of thought to answer this.

“No,” I replied promptly. “To the best of my knowledge, you needed me urgently the moment I saw you. And I haven’t had reason to think you’ve got any more self-sufficient since. What on earth happened to your forehead? Those look like tooth—” He lunged across the desk and kissed me before I could finish the observation.

“Thank ye,” he said fervently, and, un-lunging, whirled and went out, evidently in the highest of spirits.

– Jamie and Claire, Book 7


I’ve been discussing the different aspects of Jamie and Claire’s relationship – how their deep love underpins a strong marriage and allows them to laugh about their ridiculous wedding day. Now to talk about just how much – and how – they *need* each other to survive.

Jamie and Claire urgently needed each other in different ways at the very beginning of their relationship – Jamie needed Claire to tend to him, Claire needed Jamie to protect her. But once those immediate needs were gone  – quickly – they developed a much deeper need for each other. A need for intimacy, understanding, and partnership. A need for respect, and laughter, and self-sacrifice.

A need for family. And a need for all-consuming, unconditional love. 

In this respect, Claire never needed Frank. And Jamie never needed Laoghaire. But Jamie and Claire *need* each other – to breathe, to live, to just get through the joys and sorrows of everyday life. 

They both understand this, but rarely admit it to each other. So when they do – it shatters them. It shatters us.

Aye @gotham-ruaidh when we understand this, it shatters us. Once again I agree with you!

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