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Okay, I´m honestly surprised. I thought it would fall apart (just like it did the first time) before they´d ever make it to the altar. But she finally got what she wanted – the trophy husband who got away 20 years ago.

Genuine question. Is this a PR relationship? I just get a really wierd, empty vibe from this coupling. Like are they doing this to do a blissfully in love to bitter divorce for all the drama and exposure? If not, all the best to them, but for the love of God can’t they just live their lives quietly? (I am very grumpy, hence the rant l, but I really do wonder about these two)

Nope, that is 100% NOT a PR relationship. This is about JLo´s ego and a crushed dream from 20 years ago.

Ben really was and is the man that she always, always, always wanted for numerous reasons, and the fact that he left her, married someone else and had his three kids with another woman… that was quite a blow to her.

She even makes no secret of where Ben, as a man and husband, ranks overall by now changing her name to Affleck. Think about it and see the writing on the wall. I´ll be that asshole who´ll spell it out for everyone, in case they don´t catch my drift or weren´t already here when their relationship was fresh 20 years ago.

She never made herself Mrs. Jennifer Noa, the wife of an unknown, short Cubano waiter.

Or Mrs. Jennifer Judd, the wife of a short and stocky half-Filipino who was merely her background dancer.

Or Mrs. Jennifer Muniz, the wife of a short, skinny, facially not very attractive Puerto Rican singer. Although he is a superstar in the Latino music world.

Nope, none of that. But now at the ripe age of 53, and finally having wed that one man who dumped her 20 years ago shortly before their already arranged nuptials, she has made herself Mrs. Affleck. And has immediately announced the official name change.

Should tell you all there is to know. Sure, the hopeless romantics will see this as a sign of true love and soulmates. May be, may be not. But there´s another factor at play here.

Think Prince Harry´s wife and what the name change to Mountbatten-Windsor or “Duchess of Sussex” means for her station in life -> and then think 6 ft 3 tall, white, square jawed Bostonian male -> from a liberal household with a Harvard educated mother -> Oscar winner at 27 -> Hollywood leading man and A-lister, producer, director, writer, millionaire, second Oscar, three Golden Globes…. and there´s your answer, why this man ranks higher with her than anyone else ever did.

This is her lifelong dream come true, because she had NO PULL with men of Ben´s caliber her entire life (you know what I mean).

He is the embodiment of her ultimate man/husband fantasy, the symbol that she has made it to the absolute top with everything in life. And since she failed with achieving that during her prime as a woman, of course she is now literally up there in the stratosphere, elated beyond belief that she got him back in almost her mid Fifties, as a mother of two and thrice divorced woman.

This is about validation for JLo. Validation in a world – and a particular level of Hollywood – where she was never truly validated. It´s about her ego. Her self worth as a (still) desirable woman who never gave up the hope that the man who “alpha-widowed” her would return and want her back. Granted, the difference between her and the Montecito Missus is that she really was and is putty in Ben´s hands – but that has mainly to do with the fact that she COULD NOT control him like all the other men in her life, and that HE LEFT HER and humiliated her and broke her heart when she never expected it.

As long as he will eternally pose a challenge and she´ll never be really “sure” of him, he´ll keep her interest. Oh, it´s gonna be fun when his addictions rear their ugly heads again. But for now, let her enjoy the honeymoon…

I feel hard and sorrow times comes for Ben’s children… Jlo… excuse me Jennifer Affleck is not the stepmom you want to have

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