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Our Lives Illuminated

Chapter Thirteen: REST STOP 

[Need a refresher? Our Lives Illuminated is about two friends who go on a road trip in search of Claire’s birth mother, who is living out in California. Having been given up for adoption that fell through, Claire has grown up in foster care, and has not had many people on her side. Now, she has Jamie, and they’ll take the trip of a lifetime together.]

Oh, what’s this? 

Yes. After ALMOST A YEAR, I’m finally updating this story. I do really wish I had even more to update you all with, but with the time constraints on me (and the fact that I’m dragging today thanks to the drugs I’ve been told to take to prep for surgery tomorrow) I’m afraid this short chapter is it. I hope, hope hope to have more soon. It just depends on how much time I have. 

For some reason OLI Claire&Jamie have just been talking to me lately, and this was flowing rather easily. I hope you like it, and I appreciate all your infinite patience with this and my other stories (which haven’t been forgotten, either!) 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy! 

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