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 for my friend @borderingonhostility who kindly let me info-dump on her about Person of Interest at any time. Please if you have an autistic friend, don’t ignore them when they talk about their Special Interest because it can be very lonely. Thank you, you lovely asshole. I love you.

   ↳ This short interview was very touching. You can see that Amy gets us, she gets why Root matters and she cares about that and about us. 2022-07-31 19:55:48


Pearls Before Wine

During a weekend getaway to attend a wedding on the central coast of California, Claire Randall takes a walk on the beach at Lover’s Point. As she wades into the ocean, contemplating the state of her life since her husband died three years before, she notices a wine bottle being carried in by the tide. She would have ignored it, but her name is printed boldly across the label. She retrieves it, turning it in her hands to inspect it thoroughly. A delicate clattering in the glass has her pulling on the cork to examine the life-changing contents awaiting her inside.

Chapter 1: Fisherman’s Wharf

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