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From PR anon 1

Hello Chloe and her anon’s,

Normally I’d answer as anon on Chloe’s tumblr page but since I am traveling it felt easier to answer them all in an email for Chloe to make a post about. I’ll post the ask and the answer right after each one. If you keep sending them in under the pr1 anon tag ill answer them in a big set like this so keep an eye out.

Question: Pr 1 anon- have you seen all the drama with dm? How they got exposed? And how Sebastian called them out? Lol 

Answer: DM is a very interesting social media account. In one sense that some publicist actually follow their accounts and ask them to remove things or will “confirm” things they are curious about knowing they will post it and making the rumors bigger. Also publicist will immediately have things taken down if they don’t like how it portrays their client. Scotty, Zendaya’s Publicist will make sure that if anything is posted about her being “rude or mean” it will be deleted immediately, which I believe now DM won’t post much about her because of it.

As for Sebastian calling them out in a sense, he seems to be in a bit of a mess publicity wise. His team is all over the place clearly not agreeing on what is good or bad for his image and making him do just about everything to stay in the public eye. Is it helping his image not really and its not really hurting it either but its almost like he’s becoming boring. So when that was posted about him I believe he just had enough.

I am pretty sure us in the industry already knew who DM was behind the scenes but I think their huge fan base has become pretty toxic in infiltrating what they post and its become some what of a non credible place for fans to believe anything they post anymore. 

Question: PR Anon do you suspect these pictures of Tom in Cabo was intentionally to place the narrative that he had a bad breakup? The breakup rumors got even worse by non fans after these pics were out. And they were already bad enough with her drying pap pics. His team is very much selling him as an individual bu having him papped more than is usually is since zendaya left to film in Budapest. Plus neither teams have done anything to stop the ever growing breakup rumors that were already there before the crying pap pics and then the Cabo pics. 

Answer: When I saw the pictures circling of Tom in Cabo I immediately thought, Oh they must be pushing the I am single enjoying a lads holiday in the middle of filming. My assistants are much younger than me and very informed in the shipper/tomdaya fandom and they have noticed the “stress” the shippers are feeling with those photos. If he’s able to leave the country for a week or weekend he would have been able to visit her no? 

The recent articles of Tom and Zendaya (Not the old photos)not talking about the other and making it solely focused on themselves says something. If you look back all their other articles always mentioned the other or labeled one as the boyfriend or girlfriend. 

He has been photographed out in New York by himself more than usual you are right. Both very intimate outings where not many are around so they were obviously called. Cabo pictures “backgrid” private resort photos from the water and the fact that no one was really on the beach were clear they were called. 

If I was on their team I wouldn’t deny or confirm the rumors just yet. Since these rumors started months ago and the fact that they aren’t denying them its clear the teams don’t care.

Question: PR anon 1, hope I’m not too late with my questions! I was wondering what your profession opinion is about Henry Cavill’s current PR situation? Do you think it’s just PR or something more? I fail to see what benefits he is getting from this. Do you see it ending anytime soon? Thanks for your time!

Answer: Now I would love to talk more about Henry but since I know people on his team I can’t really say much other than watch your observations. The ones I have seen in the past are very good and almost makes me want to hire your sleuthing skills for our team but with his situation I think they started it all at the wrong time an it took off too far to the point where they have to be careful what and how they do things from here on out.

Question: PR Anon1, I would love to hear your take on all the latest Sebastian/Annabelle sightings/theories as well as the drama with DM. Also, in your professional opinion, would you have handled the Chris evans “laser focused” situation any differently?  Thanks!

Answer: “Laser Focused” that term makes me laugh. I was chatting with a few other publicist about a few things Chris happened to say during his press tour and I think most can agree he was just saying things really not thinking them through. I don’t think it was intentionally planned for him to say that but it did help push the “I am clearly single” Narrative. Now I think I would have nixed all the questions about his dating life after that during the press tour because he even seemed annoyed but that is his publicist fault for allowing them. 

As for Sebastian/Annabelle it’s clearly beneficial to both and they are friends. Are they confirming anything no and I doubt they will nothing really shows anything other than them hanging out from what I’ve seen. 2022-08-05 07:22:10

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