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Pr anon 2

This is just my thought tho, it could be a “last ditch effort to save it” and the “break up” still could happen sighting that the last time they were seen together they fought a lot and couldn’t save it 2022-08-07 07:33:55

This is a rumor debunking blog run by someone who has studied PR. This is what we do… says it on my pinned post. Don’t like it? Don’t look 2022-08-07 07:31:58


Sacra di San Michele, Italy. The abbey was founded around 983-987, its heyday was in the c. 11th-12th. It blends into the steep environment creating a unique and wonderful whole. Umberto Eco placed his novel The Name of the Rose there.

(Video ©️Johannes Hulsch)

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