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The job of feet is walking, but their hobby is dancing


I thought that “it takes two to tango” but then… 👀🤩

Tango practice 2022-10-30 08:57:50


On Such a Winter’s Day

My friend Lsquared is writing an Outlander fic. She is an INCREDIBLE writer. Please check out her story. 🥰

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I see a lot of people who tell young people–especially young people who are heading into college–that they should “do what they love.” And they’re right. You should do what you love.

But there’s a world of difference between doing what you love for you, and doing what you love for a paycheck. 

I went to undergrad for graphic design and 3-D design–art and more art, I usually say–and I loved it. You know what I didn’t love? Trying to collect my fees from clients. Trying to meet unrealistic, over-simplified or over-specific briefs from people who didn’t know what they were talking about. Coming home, having worked creatively all day, with no creative juice left for the things I wanted to do.

You know what I would tell you instead? Do something that you can be interested in, with people you like.

You don’t have to love it. Loving your work can be a lot, and it often means you have to live in your job 24/7. Some people can do that. Not everyone can, or should.  But if you can find work that’s interesting enough that it doesn’t feel tedious, and people you can enjoy spending your 9-5 with, and you can make money, that’s great! It means you can do the things you love for you.

I’m in law school now. It’s interesting work, and difficult, and I like doing it. I like how complicated it gets, and I like the stories it tells. But I don’t come home and read law journals for fun. I come home, and I sculpt, and I draw, and I paint, and I read. I do these things for me.

And I love it. 

This is still circulating and it’s been a few years, so let me update. I’m officially a lawyer now, and still not a single regret about this choice. Settling into a stable job is such a gift and a privilege in ways I didn’t expect. I’m not going to repeat the advice given above, but I want to make it clear that having passed through my student years and into my career proper, I stand by this in every respect. 

I chose to take a job that was not the most high-paying option available to me, because it wouldn’t require me to bill my time, I would have a better work-life balance, I found the work more engaging, and I really loved the office. It has paid off so much.

I get to walk to work, and most days I leave my laptop behind when I walk home at five. I have a little house with a little garden and a bunch of seedlings sprouting too early for spring. I have two stupid cats and two stupider doves and they make me happy. I put a little money into food and shelter for the neighborhood strays and name all my visiting opossums Harold. My art gets done when I feel inspiration striking, sometimes in the middle of the night, and I let my hobby fund itself without the pressure of deadlines. There is so much joy in making only what I want to. My sleep schedule has stabilized. For the first time in my life, I know the shape my days will take weeks and months away, because my routine is consistent, and I never knew what a peace that was. My job is predictable but never boring, interesting but not consuming, and it’s just a job. 

There are people who will tell you–people who have told me–that turning my back on an artistic career or a career you have “potential” in is selling out, or settling. 

Let me tell you, friends, I have never felt so settled. 

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Like this👆 is exactly the point. I’ve recently picked up woodcarving. And as i showed my friend the stuff I made she was like: are u gonna sell it?

Like that was the first thought of hers. And idk that’s a little sad to me. I mean there is nothing at all wrong to make a lil extra profit with your hobby or make it your profession. But this attitude that has emerged in the last years that your creative hobby HAS to be for profit is alarming.

Like, i feel that is not exactly a healthy attitude to have about things you do for your enjoyment in your leisure time. And sometimes this attitude diminishes the actual worth of creative Hobbys.


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cryptotheism:2 hours into Elon owning Twitter and people are already bullying the fuck out of him by begging him to allow users to support beheading videos in support of ISIS. #standwithISIS is trending

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Phil Greenwood   (UK, born 1943 Wales)

Moon Lights 

Etching and Aquatint

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