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Nah I getchu. So this post has been circulating for like a year:

But yesterday, it had inspired someone to do this:

Next thing I knew there were fake Letterboxed reviews.

Goncharov moodboards. Really good ones.

Meta analysis. So many fake meta essays. Disturbingly good ones. And of course the memes.

As you can see, the myth just started to grow, characters and ships and tropes being added one after the other, almost bizzarely without contradiction, until there was enough of shape to the whole thing for people to start posting fanfic about it on AO3. “Ice-pick Joe” has already become a meme tag.

It was hilarious in the beginning, but the way it’s developed within less than a day, kind of like it’s being willed into existence, is freaking me out a bit. We’re toying with powers beyond our comprehension. 😂😂😂

Of course, there could be an ulterior motive as well.

everythingfox: “Louis was used to getting up for his morning…


“Louis was used to getting up for his morning walk at 10. Schedule changed and morning walk time is now 6am. He was not emotionally prepared for this.”



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