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kagayuzen:The 48th Kaga Yuzen New Work CompetitionThird Prize : Furisode (long-sleeved kimono) “Peony” by Tetsuya HonmaI created this work while imagining my daughter wearing it.

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ch1ld0fdasun:Iran Revolution – Woman, Life, Freedom

Academic who fled Hong Kong for UK granted visa – but her son, 11, is turned down

Academic who fled Hong Kong for UK granted visa – but her son, 11, is turned down:


(source: the telegraph via msn | 26 nov 2022)

a human rights academic who fled censorship in Hong Kong is appealing against the Home Office’s refusal to grant her son a UK visa.

Dr Jane Richards, 41, said she and her family can no longer live safely in Hong Kong for fear of being raided if she continues her work on the right to protest and freedom of political speech.

She was effectively blacklisted from jobs in Hong Kong after publishing research documenting some 100 street protests and the “blatant disregard” for the rule of law and “brutality” by the police and the city state’s authorities.

Dr Richards has moved to the UK with her husband and three children after securing a job as an academic at Leeds University.

But Henry, 11, her son by her first marriage, has been denied a visa despite her ex-husband supporting it and formal approval from the family court in Hong Kong that it is in the child’s best interests.

Where previously she felt it unlikely a westerner would be subject to the same ruthless action as Hong Kongers, she said she felt now it was dangerous with the Chinese authorities looking for foreigners to scapegoat.

She said colleagues had been raided and there were two friends for whom she felt concerned for their safety including one, a journalist, who had been forced to abandon a project to write a book about a high-profile politician.

“I feel that the authorities are looking for an example or scapegoat to show that no one is immune even a foreign white mother, almost as an example to others,” said Dr Richards, who has two daughters, Florence, five, and Georgina, three, by her British second husband, Chris.

“It is very oppressive. With the security law [passed in 2020], anything can be interpreted as subversion or secessionist. You cannot have an open discussion.”

She said it meant that she could not teach students freely or accurately about human rights for fear of putting them at risk of breaking the security law. 2022-11-27 09:20:10


A Ripple in Time


When Jamie broke his promise to Claire, destroying Jack Randall’s ability to sire children, he dropped a pebble into the pond of reality, and the consequences rippled outward in all directions–both backward and forward in time. Now Jamie is trapped in an alien existence as the only person who has any memory of his wife. Because in a world where Frank Randal would never exist, Claire Randall would never have cause to visit the Highlands in 1945. She would never explore the area around Inverness and find herself in a circle of standing stones. She would never be compelled to touch them and fall through the veil of time… and never end up married to James Fraser.

Meanwhile, an unsinkable Claire Beauchamp is living alone in a war-torn London, working as a nurse and learning to navigate the world without her beloved Uncle Lamb. Surrounded by trauma and haunted by waking nightmares, her dreams offer the only means of escape. While they seem to involve a variety of places and situations, one aspect remains constant–the handsome Scot whose presence soothes her soul.

A Ripple in Time – Chapter 1 – ChristiWhitson – Outlander Series – Diana Gabaldon [Archive of Our Own]

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Goncharov Lore Thus Far, based on the top tumblr post results

  • Main cast are Goncharov himself, his wife Katya (née Michailov), and Andrey 
  • One side character is named Mario Ambrosini. He is described as a “sad boi” and is involved in gambling. 
  • Set in Naples and involving a drug ring/mafia. The plot seems to involve Russian organized crime attempting to get a foothold in Italy. 
  • There is a Boat Scene. Katya survives via resourcefulness. 
  • Andrey and Goncharov have a substantial amount of homoeroticism. Andrey also has an internet in Katya. This forms a true love triangle. 
  • At some point, Katya threatens to shoot Goncharov. This is framed as a Girlboss Moment. 
  • There is also a Beer Bottle Scene. 
  • Katya fakes her death. 
  • heavy clock symbolism. A pivotal scene occurs at a clock tower, there is a grandfather clock in the background of some sets, etc 
  • A supporting female character named Sofia makes an appearance, wearing a cocktail dress. Katya protects her at some point. They’re both in the Boat Scene. At one point they buy fruit together in a marketplace. This is lesbian shipping fuel. 
  • The villain, likely Mario, has a sidekick named Icepick Joe. Joe commits a final act of heroism before being left for dead— after being killed by an Icepick. Perhaps he turned against Mario and was killed in retaliation?
  • Goncharov, played by DeNiro, has a very distinctive manner of walking. 
  • Katya’s brother, Valery, makes an appearance. 

from posts I’ve witnessed (only mentioning things I’ve seen >5 blogs post about)

– there is an Anchovies scene, and fish symbolism also plays a heavy role. at some point Katya is seen near a fish bowl full of goldfish, and this is important to the Boat Scene as well.

– Goncharov and Andrey have homoerotic tension, and this is used to further statements about the cycle of repression and violence

  • The story involves Goncharov losing himself in a downward spiral. It is a tragedy of unbecoming.
  • There’s a Bridge Scene. This is the one with the clocktower chiming in the background.
  • There’s a scene involving a tank of anchovies. 
  • Icepick Joe has a traumatic backstory 
  • Katya betrays Goncharov AND Sofia. She’s well-intentioned, but it all comes crashing down, ending in her losing them both— losing Sofia emotionally and inadvertently causing Goncharov’s death
  • There’s a shootout in Pompeii in which Mario destroys historically significant architecture. This is representative of the destructive nature of nationalism.
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