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Carmen Pinart  1957, Barcelona, Spain paints with wood grain and a painted terrain across her textiles and hair.

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I want people to know what is going on in Iran at the moment, they are killing young girls at schools.

They are using Carbon Monoxide to attack girls high schools in Qom.

More than 200 teenage girls have been poised and are currently hospitalized.

If you don’t know what Carbon Monoxide is, it’s a deadly gas.

And they are not giving any explanation about it, not to their parents nor to the media.

I have a friend who lives in Qom (where it’s happening) and when I asked her about it, she wasn’t talking about it. She just told me, she is not going to school anymore and she can’t talk about what’s happening in their schools.

People want to know why gas poisoning is only happening to girls’ school and not for boys’ school. And why only high schools?

UPDATE: they started attacking schools in other cities too. There are rumors the reason for these attacks is that they are trying to stop girls from going to school.

This is the latest muderes onslought of the Ayathollas against the people of Iran. Read the post above. Write or call your Member of Paliament and demand, that your governement speaks out against the killings of these young inncocence girls whose only “mistake” is, that they are femals!

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