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Today’s Problematic Ship is the Ever Given




The Ever Given is a 20000 TEU container ship.  Currently (March 25, 2021), she is stuck aground in the Suez canal, blocking the most important trade route between Europe and Asia. With over 50 ships passing through the Suez Canal daily, the effects on global supply chains are likely to be massive.

Exactly two years ago, at 0740 local time on 21 March 2021, the Ever Given ran aground in the Suez Canal. While this blocked an estimated $9.8 billion of trade, it also led to the creation of a new meme and this blog. so, it;s impossible to say if was bad or not, 2023-03-23 19:04:49


The Gloaming

An Outlander/Jane Eyre crossover fic

Chapter 2: Over the sea to Shetland

A Highlander born and bred, Jamie was never particularly comfortable on the water. Unfortunately, the only way to Shetland was sailing from Aberdeen — a journey of some four days. The late-winter sea was choppy and he spent much of the trip heaving his guts over the port bow. At length, they finally docked in Lerwick, the island’s main town, and a wobbly-legged Jamie staggered ashore.

According to the instructions received from Mr Abernathy, Wolverton Hall was ten miles from the township. Having used the last of his money to pay for passage to the island, Jamie had no option but to take the journey on foot. Forlornly he watched the coach depart from the dock, a rolling mist already descending as he started along the lonely track towards his new home.

The weak afternoon sun soon gave way to the shimmering of dusk. With a small smile, Jamie recalled his father telling him about the special time of day.

“It’s called the gloaming, mo mhac. When the sun has set but the ink of night has yet to descend; that’s when the faeries come out”

In his decade at the workhouse, Jamie hadn’t the chance to sit down and appreciate the changing colours of the night sky, much less see any faeries, but it warmed his heart to remember his Da. Distracted in his reminiscing, Jamie looked up to realise that at some point he’d left the track and was now walking through ever thickening woodland. Doubling back, he tried to retrace his steps but was soon hopelessly lost.

From the dark canopy of leaves above, an owl hooted. With just enough light to see his breath forming a cloud, Jamie shivered and pulled his coat tighter around himself. Beginning to walk in what he hoped was the right direction he failed to notice a moss-covered log across his path. Right foot catching the wood he tripped and lurched forwards, soon tumbling head over heels down an embankment, coming to rest in a dried creek bed. Dirt covered his front and blood trickled down his cheek. The pain in his shoulder was searing, so much so that he couldn’t even remove his coat to properly assess the damage. After half a week when any food he’d eaten had come straight back up, Jamie was already in a weakened state. His tumble robbed him of what strength he had left and groaning in pain, he began to lose consciousness. As darkness closed in, he felt fingertips draw gently across his forehead, the scent of rosemary filling his nose. Trying to speak only produced a croak and whomever had found him shushed him into silence.

The next few hours were a blur. Rolled onto a woollen cloak, Jamie was dragged through the forest to a crumbling stone building; an old crofter’s cottage perhaps? A fire crackled in the hearth as a dampened cloth was pressed to his forehead. Jamie wondered if he was dying – freezing to death on the cold, muddy ground as his mind conjured up images of him being tended to in his hour of need. A voice – soft and feminine – cut through the fog.

“Hold still, this will only hurt a moment”

A pair of strong hands gripping his shoulder, Jamie started to cry out in protest. Unperturbed, the stranger continued, deftly manipulating the joint and popping it back into place. Confused that his pain had suddenly vanished, Jamie forced open heavy lids to identify his saviour. Golden eyes stared back at him.

“Are ye a faerie?”

The stranger laughed, a warm, lyrical sound.

“No. You need to rest now, soldier”

She pressed a cup of liquid to his lips, making Jamie feel fuzzy as the pain in the rest of his body began to melt away. He tried to focus on her cloud of deep brown curls but it was no use, seconds later the pull of slumber dragged him under.

Awaking the next morning to a smouldering fire, there was no sign of the mysterious woman. The arm of Jamie’s damaged shoulder had been put in a sling and pressed into his closed palm were several worn pennies. The whole event had been so utterly bizarre; who was the Good Samaritan and why had she helped him?

Leaving the dwelling, Jamie saw he was only steps away from the coach track he’d lost his way from the night before. With funds now to complete his journey, he gave silent thanks to the stranger and awaited the next passing coach to continue to Wolverton Hall. Focussed as he was on his new job, the young Scot couldn’t stop his mind reaching back to dwell on the beautiful angel who had rescued him. Would he ever see her again?

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