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Perspective | Sure, ‘Outlander’ is TV’s sexiest show, but it’s also a great lesson in how to listen 2018-12-14T05:48:44.000Z

>>“Outlander’s” best moments are found in those smaller, more insular moments in which Jamie and Claire see the world through one another’s perspectives. TV is full of couples who misconstrue, raise volumes, ignore key issues, assign blame, gossip to outside confidants about spousal shortcomings, disappoint in the bedroom and storm out of the house a […]

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Lucy Burrito Aguirre wish you a sleepy Friday and sleepier weekend! from Facebook via IFTTT

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Humour pics 2018-12-12T15:26:47.000Z

Sergio Aguirre Remind you of someone? from Facebook via IFTTT

聯合國指「氣候大屠殺」即將來臨,但實際情況比這還要更糟 – 夜貓-TheOwl 2018-12-10T16:37:42.000Z

咦,如果明年生個仔,2040佢啱啱讀完大學?OK啦,到時兒孫便有兒孫福。 我完全唔會為細路膽心,但廿年,如果我D長輩仲在世,仲係咪可以起個海島海邊城市百年歸老? 「報告稱,如果升幅超過1.5度,數億人生命將受威脅,而按目前趨勢,我們將最早在2040年就會達致這升幅。屆時,幾乎所有珊瑚礁會死亡;全球各地都將頻繁發生野火和熱浪;旱災、洪水、溫度變化結合起來,將令世界糧食供應極度不穩。報告說,這種苦難規模之大,需要徹底改造世界經濟、農業、文化結構,才可能避免,而人類文明史上從未發生過如此快速的社會結構改革,無先例可循。《紐約時報》指[4],該報告展示了未來數十年間人類「很有可能」面臨氣候災難,Eric Holthaus在《Grist》寫道「文明正處於危機當中」[5]。」 from Facebook聯合國指「氣候大屠殺」即將來臨,但實際情況比/ via IFTTT

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