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【堅離地傾.沈旭暉 011】International Chartered City: 海外建港利多於弊? 2020-06-27T03:26:35.000Z

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‘Something has to change’: Michael Kovrig’s letters detail life in a Beijing jail cell. His wife wants Canada to do more to free him 2020-06-24T11:20:59.000Z

💔💔💔//“In one of his letters, he actually said, ‘I now believe the meaning of life is to alleviate suffering.’ ” … But in a letter to his family in July, 2019, shortly after he was released from residential surveillance, he described emerging from a place of despair. “If there’s one faint silver lining to this […]

A Photographer’s Quest to Reverse China’s Historical Amnesia 2020-06-24T11:16:15.000Z

//“Some people have criticized me, saying I am washing the country’s dirty laundry in public,” he said, using a Chinese idiom that refers to the belief that a family’s problems should not be aired in public. “But Germany has reckoned with its Nazi past, America still talks about its history of slavery, why can’t we […]

中國禁食野生動物 地方部門活埋坑殺養殖場動物 | 香港動物報 Hong Kong Animal Post 2020-06-24T04:42:52.000Z

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立法會通過終止審議空置稅 2020-06-24T00:57:09.000Z

仲有得救我切 from Facebook via IFTTT

李振盛:48年前,他在地板裏藏下兩萬張文革底片|端傳媒 Initium Media 2020-06-22T13:47:58.000Z

「就是因為她自己本身出身不好,自卑,她想表現得革命。」 //比如我在報社革命委員會掌權的時候,我是常委兼辦公室主任。我們報社有一個老編輯,有一天他的妻子跑到我辦公室,揭發他的丈夫。揭發什麼呢?每家每戶都有報社發的舊報紙,丈夫用舊報紙給小孩兒接大便。她把報紙打開給我看,大便就在毛主席像上。她說她揭發丈夫。 聽着這個事,我說,好像家家戶戶都有這個情況。用報紙接糞便,用報紙擦地,這事我知道就行了。她看我不重視這事,拿着報紙就去解放軍宣傳隊的軍代表去了。軍代表一看,這個事情嚴重啊,這是反革命!立即報告公安,就把他抓起來了。批鬥。批鬥完了以後,判刑十八年。 告丈夫,她有什麼好處呢?大義滅親,人家就能表揚你啊。就是因為她自己本身出身不好,自卑,她想表現得革命。// from Facebook via IFTTT

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