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Mickey Mouse says: FREE HONG KONG
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Over 150 parliamentarians from both Houses sign a letter or House of Commons Motion calling for “insurance policy” for the people of Hong Kong.

(photo & text source: hong kong watch | 9 sep 2019) … The letter, was signed by Members from all parties including Lord Patten of Barnes, the last Governor of Hong Kong; Tom Tugendhat, the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman; Ian Blackford, the Scottish National Party Westminster Leader; Labour MP Sarah Champion; and Liberal Democrat MP and Hong Kong Watch patron Alistair Carmichael; and Lord Alton of Liverpool. It said that:

“China’s recent words and actions indicate that their leadership has moved away from the commitment to upholding Hong Kong’s way of life, enshrined in their Basic Law and founded on values we share: commitment to the rule of law, democracy and human rights. The continuing protests by the courageous people of Hong Kong have been their response to increasing restrictions on those values.” 

lovinghk: a protester return tear gas canisters to the police…


a protester return tear gas canisters to the police at kowloon bay yesterday, with good tennis skill

thanks for tennisinsight88 fb, quoting tennis commentator ben rothenberg’s twitter. here, 

top post from a hk fb page tennisinsight88, 

middle is a screengrab of ben rothenberg twitter, 

and bottom a reply on the thread. 

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Am i the only one taking notes just in case?

Americans joke about living in a cyperpunk dystopia but chinese protesters are going 1for1 with censor bots in order to spread info, engineering anti facial recognition solutions daily, and running pop up resistance bases out of ghost towns we will never be on that level here lmao

International outrage is important. We’ll never survive our totalitarian governments if we don’t help each other, regardless of culture.

News update! A student (20 years old) has recently been arrested for buying these laser pens, on the account of them being an offensive weapon, claiming that they set things on fire.

Now, there’s a nightly tourist attraction that uses these lasers, sized up multiple times. There is nothing inherently offensive or dangerous about these tiny laser pens, mainly used for stargazing.

So what do the people do?

They come out, to the planetarium (another popular use for these lasers) and they all shine a spectacular laser show to:

1). show their dissatisfaction for baseless arrests

2). display that there’s nothing dangerous about these lasers

3). they try to set the entire planetarium on fire with the very vicious glare of multiple lasers (it did not work)

4). also to satisfy the urge to shine a flashlight at a planetarium and make shadow dogs out of their hands

5). they’ve also turned it into an impromptu disco with song requests being taken, neon beachballs being tossed around, a public karaoke session

6). They also attempt to set a newspaper on fire via the sheer offensive firepower of multiple lasers singled upon one target. Newsflash, it didn’t work.

7). They also attempt to light a cigarette, to no avail.


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Eye for HongKong Campaign

“The bill is dead”, following the non-legal binding announcement made by HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam on the extradition bill, the city is dying too. HKSAR Government refuses to set up an independent commission of inquiry to look into the saga. In response to the voices of people, HK police collude with triads to beat citizens indiscriminately (both peaceful protestors and non-protestors). A young girl, who volunteered herself to be a first-aider in a peaceful protest on 11 Aug 2019, was shot in the right eye by the police causing permanent vision loss.

This kind of physical and psycho violence routinely happens in Hong Kong now. The number of laws and regulations being breached by the so called law enforcement body in the past 2 months is just uncountable. The authority is creating violence every day and using brutality to rule the city.

The universal values that everyone on Earth embraces: freedom, justice, rule of law… are now at stake in Hong Kong. Our eyes can be taken, but truth can’t be.

To show your support to Hong Kong, please join the “Eye for Hong Kong Campaign”: upload a selfie to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Reddit with your right eye covered. Consider wearing a mask, which symbolizes Hong Kong people’s fear of expression, if you wish. Remember to tag at least 4 friends of yours, and the following:







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